Apprentice Amy
Amy Fullerton

I am a Colorado Native! In 2012 I had to get back surgery due to a herniated disk but my journey didn’t begin until I got engaged. I wanted to make sure I fit into my dress and it was that desire that prompted me to take my first Pilates class. After I got married I embarked on my Pilates teaching journey. I’m still hooked and LOVE teaching people about Pilates and helping their body get stronger and feel good.
Appprentice Chelsey
Chelsey McNutt

I'm a Licensed Massage Therapist for 15 years now. I became interested in Pilates when a client of mine started taking classes. It sounded like a great opportunity that would go well with massage, something I could teach clients to help them get stronger and become more aware of body mechanics. I am enjoying learning this new skill as it is helping me improve my overall body mechanics awareness.
Apprentice Dee
Dee Winchester

In 2013 she started practicing Pilates to eliminate her low back pain. She lived in Colorado Springs for 25 years before moving around for 3 years and in each place, she has found a place to continue Pilates and learning new apparatus and teaching styles. She entered the Pilates Sol certification program in 2018 and looks forward to sharing her love of Pilates with many!
Apprentice Jojo
Joanna Brezin Hancock

Hi my name is Joanna Brezin Hancock (jojo). I have been with my sweet & supportive husband, Bobby, since 1988 and we have 3 brilliant blessings: Ryan (25), Lauren (23), and Emily (17). I am new to Pilates. I am choosing to be involved in movement that leads to functionality. I want to remind others of what I constantly speak to myself...that progress is simply about consistency. I enjoy hiking, mountain/road biking, and reading! I hope to see you in the studio soon!
Apprentice Shelby
Shelby Thompson
Growing up a dancer, I have always been interested in health and fitness. Along with dance classes, I began practicing yoga at a young age and was eventually introduced to Pilates in college. Pilates is a natural fit for me as it combines elements of dance and yoga. I love the blend of power and elegance that Pilates offers. My goal as an instructor is to empower people to acknowledge their strength and show up for themselves.
Apprentice Turu
Turu Marx
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Apprentice Turu

Turu Marx